Asian American Counseling

What does it mean to embrace your Asian roots in a society that is dominated by white values and perspectives?   How do you sort out what values, perspectives and life styles to integrate into your life? How to be your true self in a culturally diverse world? Given the world you live in, often feeling the tension of not being the dominant race, you struggle with what being Asian American means and how it plays out in your life, whether consciously or sub-consciously. Being Asian American myself, I understand the struggle.

Even as you struggle within yourself as to what it means to be a culturally integrated person, when you are with your family, you get drawn  into all the traditional Asian cultural values or expectations that you may have difficulty understanding and embracing. They can cause conflict and clashes between you and your loved ones. 

You are in a unique position, you are trying to forge your own identity by integrating a diverse perspective . This is a life long process and the decisions you make will affect how you live your life.

I can help you in this process, whether it be with family members, at the workplace or in an inter-cultural relationship. Your life will be enriched as you embrace all parts of you.