Cultural and Racial Issues

What does it mean to embrace our cultural roots in a society that is dominated by white values and perspectives?   How do we sort out the cultural values, perspectives and life styles to integrate them into our lives? How to be our true self and own our cultural identity? Given the world we live in, feeling the tension of not being the dominant race, we struggle with what being a person of color means and how it plays out in our personal, work and social lives, whether consciously or sub-consciously.

When we start to process what it means to be true to our cultural selves, we realize it affects all aspects of us. It is helpful to work this through with someone who has some understanding of what that means.  This is a life long process and the insights you gain will affect how you live your life in a more authentic manner.

I can help  in this process, whether it be with family members, at the workplace or in inter-cultural relationships. As we begin to embrace all parts of us, our lives will be richer as well as enrich the lives of those around us.