Asian American Counseling

Being Asian American comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Being Asian American myself, I understand what that means. We live in two cultures, especially if you are first or second generation. You are definitely acculturated in the American culture – until you are with your family, then you get drawn back into all the traditional Asian cultural values or expectations. They can cause conflict and clashes between you and your loved ones.
Maybe your family is not that traditional, you do not feel any cultural expectations from them. You just want to know what being Asian American means and how it plays out in your life, whether consciously or sub-consciously.

We are in an unique position – we can embrace the best of both worlds or we can reject one of the worlds. Either decision will affect how we live our lives.

I can help you integrate both worlds, whether it be with family members, at the workplace or in an inter-cultural relationship. Your life will be enriched as you embrace all parts of you.