Relationship Counseling



Have things been difficult lately?
Maybe you are stressing over your relationship with a spouse or a partner.

Maybe you are the caregiver trying to take care of an elderly parent.

Maybe you feel you constantly have problems or conflicts with people at work or with friends, you feel stuck and don’t know why.

You wish for a time when life is simpler. You wonder what you need to do to get that kind of life back when you have a sense of peace and calm.

Your situation is causing you to lose sleep , making it difficult for you to focus on other things. Work and other people are being neglected. Projects are abandoned. You also feel guilty about the way things are right now.

I can help. Let’s talk about it.
Let’s work together to bring harmony back to your life.

It can be confusing when you are in the midst of a difficult relationship, be it with a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, family member or co-worker.

I can help you take a step back so that you can look at the situation more objectively, get some clarification on what needs to be done. Maybe a different way to relate or to communicate.

Sometimes it is hard to talk about these things with family members or friends. I can offer the objectivity, understanding and confidentiality that are needed when dealing with a delicate situation.

Do give me a call at 626.679.1229

I can help bring peace and calm to yourself and your relationships.